Gambling games have always been and will always be accessible. The latest statistics show that approx. 4.5 million Europeans some form of gambling. Of these, approx. 250,000 who do it every day. If you then distribute all these players over European bookmakers that are available, the number of betting sites is no longer as large as you might first think. That is why we often see new European bookmakers being launched as jointly as possible because it is as large as it is.  

In previous years there has only been a company that had to operate within Europe’s borders, and it is Betsson. Since the end of 2019, they opened up the European market for others; it has now popped up a lot of new bookmakers online offering European R casino, bingo and betting and poker. All this with just as much security and tax-free profits only as they offer us.

But then under other EU licenses that had no direct connection to Europe. However, some very many bookmakers have a direct link to Europe, and there will undoubtedly be more as the popularity continues to increase.

Malta Gaming Authority

Having its headquarters in Malta used to be a way to get around the European gaming monopoly and, in turn, offer online gambling games to European players. Because it is the case that Malta has one of the best licenses available under the name MGA which stands for Malta Gaming Authority. This license does not have as strict terms and conditions as the European license. Plus, it is much cheaper than many other grants.

Another thing that is attractive besides the standard license is the tax in Malta. The fee is significantly lower than, for example, in Europe, where the charge is very high. So it becomes much more profitable for a company to conduct its business there.

Thus, the companies want to make more money, which is perfectly reasonable, and they had the opportunity to do so with an EU license that also allows European players to play there. Therefore, it is seen that many companies with European owners have their operations in Malta because there they make significantly more money than in Europe.

The state’s bookmakers

Above all, bookmakers have offered betting, and lotteries European R have trusted their games for many years. In recent years, they have also started offering their customers games on slots and other games online. A development that came naturally when we got our European market and license. A bookmaker is a company that offers games in various forms. This can be betting on sports (better known as betting) or online casino with slots table games and other fun. Some bookmakers also have poker and bingo with them to offer a broader range and thus also be able to reach more customers. All the best European bookmakers think we should offer all four categories.  

Bookmakers in Europe must be licensed.

In Europe, bookmakers who want to operate in Europe need a European license approved. The permit is issued to those issued by MGA who have reviewed all applications and chosen to grant a permit to 100+ different companies. If a gaming site does not meet the stringent requirements can have their license revoked.

As you understand, there are many European bookmakers, and it is difficult to say which Europe’s best bookmakers are; if you scroll up this page, you will find some perfect ones that have been tested by us. We are one of the network’s many comparison sites, and our goal is to ensure that you get the best gaming experience and get the best odds bonus and casino bonus. 

Casino – Table games, card games, slot machines and live casino

Of all those who play online, it is undoubtedly the case that most people perform at a casino. When it comes to betting, there is even more male dominance, and the casino is more even between men and women. The most common to play at an online casino are slot machines. These can also be called slot machines or slots.

There is a variation on slots that have become immensely popular, and these are progressive jackpots. Then the game maker takes part in the turnover and puts in a pile that grows bigger and stronger until someone wins. The record profit is over € 250 million. In addition to slots, table games are valid at online casinos.

Table games are a collective name for roulette, card games and different variants of dice games. Blackjack and Baccarat are considered to be the most popular card games, and these classics are found everywhere. Roulette is also available in several variants, including American, European and French roulette. When it comes to dice games, Craps is the most played.

In recent years, more and more players have chosen a different type of online casino. These are the best European live gaming casinos, live casinos. You get a more authentic playing time like the one you arrive at a land-based casino. This is because you are playing against real dealers at real casino tables.

Everything is filmed in full HD or 4K, which means that you get incomparable playing time. While you get the authenticity from a land-based casino, you still have the benefits and flexibility that only an online casino can give you. Play live casino from your mobile, computer or tablet and get a gaming experience that is entirely on your terms. Read more here.

Betting – Bet on sports, events, e-sports and more

In addition to the casino, betting is what most people prefer when they play at European bookmakers online. Then you place a bet on an outcome in a specific market. The most common to play is so-called 1X2 betting, where each number represents an outcome. 1 and 2 stand for home and away teams while you play X if you think there will be a draw in the match.